Riding Horses

Riding Horses


In addition to the fiction writing and directing drills, the first year at IAD demands versatility in students. We also had to work on documentaries direction, though this exercise is more oriented on television report.
As I was badly injuried, I couldn’t shoot the documentary when the school wanted me to, but I managed to convince my teachers to let me do the drill during the summer, even though my injury wasn’t cured quite yet. I went with Jonathan who was on his way to England in order to go and find our common friend Julie and I filmed this short in one day.

N.B: Firefox user, beware: the browser loads all the video before playing it and tends to change the aspect ratio of the videos… I recommend browsing via Safari or Chrome…

Julie Vigné
Jonathan Dejean
Sylvain Austry
Anne Lywood

Direction, framing and editing
Charlotte Razon