A book like no other

Michel is a co-operative game for a six-year old child (or so) to play with one of his or her parents.
The game takes place in a book. Nevertheless, it’s not an ordinary book : you can’t just read the text in order to progress. You also need to act!

When the child player touches certain objects of the picture, the matching words are highlighted in the text and the adult player can swap them.
When players do that, the picture changes as well as the situation in the story : what happens next in the book is different ! That’s how you can enter the great world of Michel…

The story

Michel is a tiny boy who wants to grow up as fast as possible.
One evening, he runs away from the surveillance of his babysitter and goes outside in the wild of the French suburb. Through his journey, he’ll meet a Chinese grocer and his daughter as well as an old jewish man. Each has his own conception of adulthood and will help Michel to realize how important it is to enjoy youth.

Michel on tv !


Michel won two awards :
The great student video game price in 2011 at the Paris Games Week and the multimedia author award of SACD in 2011.

We are currently working on a professional version that is soon to be released on the App Store.
Contact me if you want to try the game on iPad !

The crew

Game design
Charlotte Razon
Emilien Gorisse

Written by
Charlotte Razon
Fabrice Hagmann

Orson Favrel
Fabrice Hagmann

Sylvain Jannot

Community management
Pascaline Lavedrine

Charlotte Razon