(Français) Les Cinémalins

(Français) Les Cinémalins



At twelve years old, Takeshi the performer, Ana the créative and Gabin the handyman have one thing in common : they want to make cool movies, like the one they see on tv, on internet or in the theaters ! Each episode mingles their everyday life with questions about filming. They have lots of ideas in their heads and what they can find near them to make do and mend home movies : the 7th art becomes child play !

So :

• 52 épisodes lasting 13 minutes for the 8-12 years old
• which tell a story in which the children question one element of film making
• that we can watch in the order we like.
• The teaching skills and method are intertwined with dramaturgy
• in a colorful, lively, rythmic and funny mood,
• in 2D-cut out, 3D or traditional animation
• that stage a dynamic and complementary trio.

The project

I concieved that project with my co-author Fabrice Hagmann, who has made all the graphic researchs.
The project was filed for financial help in the CNC on september 2013.
Contact me if you’d like to know more about it and download the full concept file which includes graphical and writing intentions, the description of each characters, the structure of the episodes, a synopsis, graphic research and transmedia development.