Two floors

Two floors


Major drill for the first year in learning directing at IAD, the ties were as follows :
– the film needs to be shot in two days only
– with no dialog
– with an artistic and technic crew made of students only
– ans lasts five minuts at the most.

With this project, I wanted to go deeper with the worked I had done on the pictures
Antoine’s spot. The first moving in is about growing up, assertins yourself, existing.
But it’s also being a bit lonely…
N.B: Firefox user, beware: the browser loads all the video before playing it and tends to change the aspect ratio of the videos… I recommend browsing via Safari or Chrome…

The Crew

Antoine Grédai
Tom Timsit
Sacha Timsit
Juliette Timsit
Soleya Chaïb
Johanna Casanova

Written, directed and edited by
Charlotte Razon

Coban Beutelstetter

Stéphanie Vénétilli

Jean-Christophe Louis

Olivier Trorial