Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker

Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker

The Game

Cocoto is back in an addictive game that renew an arcade classic : the brick breaker !
Travel through five planets of the Cocoto universe and protect them from alien fire by sending them back their projectiles with you magic shield.
Waves of ennemies that will always be more numerous, funky projectiles and new powers to trigger for your shield !

My job

I came to work on this project while the conception was about to be done. I therefore worked with the other game designers to complete the game design documents. I also designed the bosses of the game, invented new mechanics and scripted some levels.

Click here to download my essai about the internship (French only) working on Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker but also for Horses 3D.


3DS Game
Plateformer – brick-breaker
Out on June, the 8th, 2012

I mainly worked with Eddy Léjà-Six, Camille Lescaudron and Thierry Perreau from june to september 2011.