Beyond : Two Souls

Beyond : Two Souls

The game

BEYOND was first presented on the opening of the Sony press conference during E3, on June the 4th, 2012.
A first trailer offering real-time images of the game was revealed at that time.
The game tells the story of Jodie Holmes, a young woman – played by Ellen Page – from her childhood and through all the events of her troubled life to the main trial which will forge her personality. Since she was born, Jodie is linked to a mysterious entity she calls Aiden and the young lady has to accept this special relationship in order to live her life and relationships with others.
Like Heavy Rain, the game in a Playstation3 exclusive.

What I did

On that project, I was hired for my game design and writing skills and worked inside the gameplay department as a “gameplay scripter”.
I’ll give you more details shortly.


Kara, a short film directed by the quantic dream team.


Playstation 3 game
Interactive drama

I worked from april 2012 to february 2013 in the gameplay dept with four other game designers and one lead game designer.

Go have a look on for more information about the game and the company