Alice unation

Alice unation


This short film is the second one of the serie of three five minuts films thought as variations around the Edward Hopper painting Western Motel.
It was written and directed in the workshop of Anielle Weinberger at the Paris 8 University.
The serie is called “Motel à l’Ouest”.

Gathered in three groups of five students, it was not easy to consider everybody’s desires to develop the story !
Scriptwriting, casting, set design and so on… We were in charge to gather all the necessary elements whereas professional technicians supervised the sound recording and framing.
The title ‘Alice unation’ is a strange wordplay between the protagonist’s name and what is happening to her…
The three films got the audience award and the ‘Klap’ trophee at the Kiev International Film Festival in 2008, but I sadly couldn’t lay hand on the two other films and the credits.

N.B: Firefox user, beware: the browser loads all the video before playing it and tends to change the aspect ratio of the videos… I recommend browsing via Safari or Chrome…

I only kept in touch with Ariel Figueroa , who has become a brilliant independent photographer.