about me

I write since I’m five years old. Short stories, poems, essays… When I was a child I played more with pen and paper than with my Playmobils! Then, when I had to choose what to do with my life, I went at my Dad’s in Guadalupe to think about it… I was a bit scared because I felt un-at-ease with my writing for some time, which had yet always been so intimitely linked to my everyday life. I couldn’t feel content with just my literary writing anymore. I needed pictures too.
After a cinema degree at the Paris 8 University, I applied for great european cinema schools. One of them asked to make a story through photographies so I began to learn how to take pictures with my teacher, mentor and friend Bruno Dubreuil. Photography is now a big part of my life.
I was recruted by a Belgian Film School IAD, the Media Arts Institute, and moved to Brussels where I lived for four years.

My directing degree was very rewarding but also very difficult ! In this school, students mainly learn through the projects they make. That’s where I started out directing a film staff, comedians and so on : short films, remakes, documentaries, multicamera tv shows, radio stories…

But I missed the writing even though the directing work I was tought included writing my own scripts.
When I had to make a choice about what master degree I should pick, I chose to go back at the source. The Writing Master Degree has been one of my best studying year.

I’ll always cherish the memories of round tables with the other screenwriters, of those two weeks seminar we spent on a tv show concept, and, last but not least, to have been able to free that much my writing around all kinds of fictions : shorts and films, series, animation, ads, game writing…

It also was around that time that I discovered the existence of l’ENJMIN, the french video game school in Angoul√™me. By ending the student part of my life with a degree in game design I wanted to complete my mastering all the writing processes, considering interactive writing to be one of the most fascinating and challenging topic.
This school works pretty much as IAD does : students learn through games projects.
In this school, I made six games and worked as a game design intern at Neko Entertainment for three months where I helped develop Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker and Horses 3D.

I started my professional career in april 2012.
Then I started working in THE studio I pictured myself in at the end of my scholarship : Quantic Dream.
I’ve learned a great deal about what I wanted to do next to David Cage and this crew.
I work now as a freelance screenwriter, director and game designer on audiovisual and interactive projects as well as on more personal projects. These past years, among other things I’ve written an animated TV show for Normaal Animation that will shortly be aired by Canal+.